Top 10 beatles covers

Hey Guys, here’s a Beatles top 10 that was put together by one of our in-house writers let us know what you think???

1. With a Little Help From My Friends – Joe


Gravel-voiced Cocker with an unforgettable rendition

of the Sergeant Pepper album track. Revived

famously as the theme tune to nostalgia-com The

Wonder Years

2. We Can Work It Out

– Stevie Wonder

A deceptively intricate tune about trying to patch up

a relationship is infused with Motown sunshine and

harmonicas by Wonder. A soulful toe-tapper from a

true legend.

3. Dear Prudence

– Siouxsie & the Banshees

The original featured on the Beatles’ White Album in

1968. The sinister darkness of the Banshees’ cover

and Siouxsie’s haunting voice make it a classic.

4. Ticket To Ride

– The Carpenters

Jangly guitars are replaced with lush swirling strings

and the heartfelt longing in Karen Carpenter’s voice

expressing the sad sentiment of the song. A cosy

warm blanket of a tune.

5. Got To Get You Into My Life – Earth Wind &


The Elements come out with all horns blaring,

injecting a breezy swing to an already positive song.

So good was the cover that it earned EWF a

Grammy in 1978

6. Something

– Shirley Bassey

Bassey added her own dramatic Midas touch to this

George Harrison-penned love song. ‘Something’ is

the second most covered Beatles track after ‘Yesterday’.

7. Here Comes The Sun

– Nina Simone

Just when you think the song can’t get sunnier,

along comes Simone with her warm voice and

delicate ivory-tinkling. If the original is like the dawn,

Nina’s version is more a summer picnic on the

heath at sundown.

8. A Hard Day’s Night

– Peter Sellers

A hilariously hammy rendition in the style of Laurence

Oliver in Shakespeare’s Richard III. Sellers scored a

Top 20 when it was released as a single in 1965.

9. Strawberry Fields Forever

– Candy Flip

Reworked during the ‘Second Summer of Love’,

two blokes with bowl haircuts and baggy jeans

throw in Ecstasy and the then-ubiquitous Funky

Drummer beat to a pretty faithful version of the


10. Come Together

– Michael Jackson

This track appeared in Jackson’s film Moonwalker.

McCartney’s bass has turned into electro-slap, the

drums are ‘Bad’ and the vocals have more ‘uh’

noises than a porn film. That said, boy, it works!

Top 10 Beatles covers By Angela Williams.


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