Unlucky these guys certainly were, as they just weren’t around when success arrived, does that suggest that maybe the catalyst was the change, or that some don’t get the breaks? What do you think?.

10. Dave Mustaine, first guitarist for Metallica. He left to form his own metal band, Megadeth. Perhaps not as much money in his pocket but at least he was his own man. 

9. Tracii Guns, guitarist for Guns n’ Roses. After not showing up for a rehearsal Tracii was replaced by Slash.  Tracii formed another band, L.A. Guns, who have had some success but clearly nothing like G n R.

8. Chuck Mosley, and Faith No More, Chuck Mosley, who left the band because of ‘creative differences’ was replaced by  Mike Patton . Chuck went on to front Bad Brains, whilst Faith No More flourished.

7. The Backstreet Boys, Burk Parsons quit to become a minister, one wonders if he ever looked back and thought ‘ oh Lord why have you forsaken me’

6. Dave Evans, the original singer of AC/DC Bon Scott replaced Dave Evans just before the band became huge. Dave went on to front the band as The Hot Cockerels and we all know how well they have done.

5. Seventy three drummers failed to make it with Nirvana. Nirvana had 73 different drummers, before Dave Grohl joined in 1990. Dave joined just as the band took off, pretty good career move you could say.

4. Ian Stewart, founding member of The Rolling Stones. Ian and Brian Jones co-founded the band. But somehow Ian just wasn’t Rock n  Roll enough and he was eased out of the band, managing them for a while and playing a bit of keyboards.

3. Glen Matlock, original bassist of The Sex Pistols Was Glen kicked out because he liked The Beatles  too much, who really knows ? What we do know is that he is one of the great bassists and still gigs brilliantly today.

2. Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd However successful they were to later become  these words are always seemingly linked. Syd the creative genius of early Pink Floyd, quickly became addicted to drugs and after bad LSD trips could no longer function adequately and became a total recluse and left the Band. A bizarre twist, many years later when they were recording the tribute to Syd  you Shine On You Crazy Diamond, he apparently walked into the studio !

1. Pete Best, the original drummer of the Beatles Ditched by the Beatles just before real success, reputedly he was too good looking for the other members of the band but we have heard rumours about a liaison between Lennon and Bests mother which might have had something to do with it. Anyway definitely the unluckiest drummer in the World.



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