We’re back with another Top 10 for you. This time with a lovely theme of MURDER. Here is some harrowing bloodshed for you to get your teeth into.

10. The Police – Murder By Numbers

The title of the song is pretty self explanatory. You are essentially given a step-by–step instruction guide on committing a murder, which perhaps is a tad ironic, coming from a band called The Police…

9. Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue – Where the Wild Roses Grow.

It’s no great surprise that the man responsible for ‘Murder Ballads’ – an entire album dedicated to gruesome killings, made the cut. Teaming up with Kylie Minogue, ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ is set post-murder in the format of a dialogue between murderer and victim. Nick supposedly spent many years trying to write the perfect song for Kylie, before deciding on this…Kylie, wherever you are – we’d be worried!!

8. Megadeth – Loved to Death.

With a band name like Megadeth, it’s almost a given that they’ll have explored themes of murder. The song tells the story of a killer who bumps into his ex-lover in hell and was not expecting to see her there. Clearly they were never a match made in heaven.

7. The Beatles – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Don’t let the bouncy and upbeat nature of the song fool you, for it is not as cheerful as it sounds. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer describes Maxwell Edison, a medical student, who uses his ‘silver hammer’ to murder his girlfriend, his teacher and if that’s not enough, he later comes back for more and takes down his judge. Lennon was not a fan of this track however, claiming it to be a perfect example of McCartney’s ‘granny-style’ writing which he despised. The song has also been rumoured to be responsible for the break up of the Fab Four!

6. The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

Although we never find out whether or not Brandon Flowers actually commits the crime, he is held under suspicion of murder, and let’s face it; the aptly titled band name is not doing him any favours.

5. Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska

‘The Boss’ takes the law into his own hands here and with 10 casualties by the end of the second line, you know he means business.

4. AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Cheap

Looking for a hitman? Look no further. AC/DC offer their services here at bargain prices. They even leave their number for you to call! You won’t be asking for your money back either, when you see what they’ve got in store; we’re talking ‘cyanide’, ‘TNT’ and erm ‘concrete shoes’??

3. Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe

‘Hey Joe’, made most famous by Hendrix, tells the classic tale of a cheating spouse who got what was coming to her; a shot-gun to the head that is, whilst the killer was on his merry way to Mexico to hide from the law.

2. Tom Jones – Delilah

Another song about cheating wives and murderous husbands. This time the killing is in the form of a stabbing, after a man spies his wife making love to another. He loses his temper (just a little bit) and once her lover has left, he walks in and stabs her repeatedly, not long before breaking down and begging her for forgiveness, as the police come to drag him away.

1. Neil Young – Down By The River

In the song, Young takes his ‘baby’ on a nice evening stroll by the river, and comes back alone…He suspects that his ‘baby’ has been cheating on him. Though there’s no doubt that she’ll never do it again…The lyrics were written when Young was severely ill in bed, which may explain the morbid factor.



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