Sorry i’ve been away for a bit guy’s been busy busy busy. But recently I went to:  


Listening to rare Beatles tracks at The Bag O Nails the other evening was an intriguing and fulfilling experience. The Club apparently unchanged since Hendrix, The Fab Four and Fleetwood Mac hung out there, certainly did have a timeless quality.

Lets be honest, anyone claiming to be able to play Beatles tracks never heard before is either taking a huge gamble, or are pretty sure of themselves, when the audience are Beatles aficionados. But The Rokpool Rare Record Club managed to do just that, play 15 unique cuts to the delight of the audience.

Robin Smith who presented the evening and CEO of, a music archive website explained how they get the tracks.

“Saving our music heritage is what we do and fortunately there are generous people  willing to share rare content with us so that it’s not lost or forgotten forever. In particular we have just loads of unheard Beatles music, the problem was which to choose.

It’s amazing what we are given, unique videos, photos, memorabilia and great unheard tracks, which we in turn want to share with the World via either our website or The Rare Record Club, the next event is Zepplin rarities  followed by The Stones ”

The Rokpool Rare Record Club promised ‘A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All’ and certainly fulfilled the promise. It really was a great way to hear rare music, enjoying the stories behind the tracks and mixing with other enthusiasts.

Robin confirmed that he would be happy to present this or indeed any Rare Record Club show at any suitable venue.

Robin can be contacted at


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