Morrissey in the park

1. Dead or Alive singer and ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant was a close friend during the Smiths. Morrissey said at the time: ‘’He’s one of the few people I can feel a great affinity with’’. The pair discussed their friendship as cover stars of pop mag ‘’Smash Hits’’.

2. He has a real interest in football and as a boy went to several home games of Manchester United and in recent years has named the late George Best as one of his all time heroes.

3. Morrissey was asked to guest star as a cameo of himself in ‘’Friends’’ His response? ‘’As you can imagine I turned on my heels and ran’’.

4. Morrissey has a strong belief in the afterlife and has claimed to have seen ghosts. He experienced multiple haunting in his favourite studio, Hook End Manor ,near Reading, convinced the spirits were those of monks who’d run a monastery on the site several centuries earlier.

5. His favourite films are ‘’I Believe In You’’ a 1952 Ealing Studios drama and ‘’Oliver Twist’’. The former focuses on post war crime and the court system and features a young Joan Collins.

6. He was president of the New York Dolls fan club in the UK, ‘’They lived in New York, I lived in Manchester, they hardly ever came to England so we never met and they never sent me any communications..But I didn’t mind’’.

7. Surprisingly, he loves swimming: ‘’It’s very nice to be underwater- it gives you a very clear perspective on life’’, he explained. When he moved to L.A in the late 90’s, swimming became Morrissey’s main pastime.

8. ‘’You’re the One for Me Fatty’’ is actually written for Cathal Smyth of the ska band Madness, who is his friend and had filled out since the early days of the Nutty Boys.

9. In 1988 he acted in old Liverpool soap Brookside spin-off, South, which took place in the foyer of Capital Radio. The singer described his scene as ‘’compulsive non-viewing, essential kettle-on time.’’

10. A famous vegetarian, ironically, it has been reported that Morrissey doesn’t like vegetables. According to an old guitarist, he likes rich food, dairy based, with lots of cream, and ‘’he lives on toast’’.




  1. Aloosh Says:

    I found this rather interesting. Thank you Rokpool.

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