With the World Cup upon us, we have search throughout our archive to bring you the top 20 songs that either relate to sport or are about sport. Here is the countdown from 20 to 11.

20.Chase The Sun- Planet Funk (Darts)

We start off with the Planet Funk house song ‘Chase The Sun’. The song that helped popularize the sport of darts as it plays to signal the commercial break. Since the song got introduced back in 2001, venues for darts tournaments have got bigger as audiences increase. Coincidence???

18.The Kings- Run DMC (Wrestling)

In 1999, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was huge all over the world, and it still is. Some of their main superstars at that time were D-Generation X who were a rebellious group that everybody liked. It was only fitting the legendary Run DMC would create their entrance theme. It created a new generation of fans for the New Yorkers.

17.Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas (Kung Fu)

The legendary one hit wonder by Carl Douglas has been used for many fight scenes in T.V. and cinema, a true classic.

16.Heaven Is A Halfpipe- OPM (Skateboard)

This Ska Punk anthem coincided with the skateboard boom in the early 00s. With Tony Hawk becoming a commercial success, OPM style of music paid dividends as the single was a success in the US, UK and Germany and will always be played in skate parks.

15.Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson (Wrestling)

Marilyn Manson’s spine tingling song Beautiful People was used by the WWE as the theme tune for one of their weekly shows entitled Smackdown. A freighting opener which warmed up their viewers for an epic spectacle ahead.

14.Get You Ready For This – 2 Unlimited (Basketball)

This Belgian-Dutch Duo saw fame for a time with this now sport classic. Every time you watch a basketball match in America, the majority of the time, this song will be played. With the God of boxing announcing Bruce Buffer being mixed into the song on occasion, it helped Bugs Bunny and the gang win their own basketball match in Space Jam.

13.Y.M.C.A – Village People (Basketball, Swimming)

An blast from the 70s jukeboxs now as the Village People’s gay anthem gets a mention. Although its universally accepted as a gay anthem, the lead singer wrote the song for young black youth fun at the YMCA gym such as basketball and swimming. Whatever the reason, we love it anyway.

12.Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis (Football)

Even though this indie classic was never meant to be a football song, the Glaswegians signature song has now gone into football folklore as the chant ‘Nanana Nanana’ has been blasted out of terrace’s all over Britain. It is such a popular song, a number of football clubs play the song when their team score a goal, including The Fratellis beloved Celtic. Other sports use the hit for same reason such as Rugby Union, Ice Hockey, Darts and Baseball.

11.Anyone For Tennis – Cream (Tennis)

Even though this track from rock legends Cream clearly refers to the bad in the world, they try to change the subject by asking them to play tennis, as sport will bring us together.

Find out who made the top ten tomorrow.

By Dean Woodhouse


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