Complete legends

Hey guys, Sorry I’ve abandoned you for over a month its been hectic to say the least.

We have had interviews with the doors, who are complete legends. (Plug: there new dvd “When you’re strange” is out now)

We were down at Vintage Goodwood drinking just a little more than was an acceptable amount of beer or wine or both. Not to mention chilling with The Buzzcocks down there definitely a memorable experience, oh and did I mentioned we interviewed them as well. Yeah, you better believe it, for one of the first times ever we managed to get Diggle and Pete Shelley to actually sit through an entire interview without having a fight (there were definitely playful squabbles), they are still cool guys for sure, Diggle had on one of the most dapper jackets I’d ever seen(I wanted to ask what it was buuuuut, you know, that wouldn’t have been cool). Anyway those guys are Complete legends.

Finally we published our exclusive interview with Geno Washington (from the Ram Jam band), now this guy is probably raconteur of the century seriously, I wanted to jump back in a time warp with the guy to the 60’s. He is everything you want from an american soul singer loud, brashy and like-able as hell. Anyway he is getting into acting now and he is actually pretty good. Another Complete legend.

So, you might have guessed it, it’s been a legendary month for us a rokpool and hopefully we have a lot more in store for you guys, all interviews are either up or will be published soon so look out for those.

Oh and I promise you guys I will be more regular from now on, peace, love and harmony. Raven


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