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July 26, 2010

Nowadays, the line between actor and musician is not so much that. More an indecipherable smudge. The finger of blame can be laid at the door of the star who wanders backwards and forwards across it. Going where the money is, if we’re honest. So it’s with a tip of the hat we acknowledge Hugh Laurie’s recent signing to Warner.

It might at first smack of what’s described above, but the man now known almost the world over as Dr Gregory House is teaming up with a range of guest musicians to record a blues album. This hardly signifies a tapping of the market. Furthermore, it isn’t exactly a passing whim; anyone who knows anything about the man can testify to his skills as a pianist and guitarist, having played in a variety of his own bands, and having excerpts of his playing featured in sketches with Stephen Fry, Jeeves and Wooster, and House itself.

He is working on the record with Joe Henry, a man who has produced some of his ‘favourite records of all time’. Perhaps most pressing of all is that he is attempting this venture at the age of 52, after setting himself up with the healthy bookend that is his acting career. It’s not something in other words, that he intrinsically needs to do. We for one are delighted he’s taking this step, and look forward to hearing the results!